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Omni Present Productions began as a humble analog four track home-studio in the eighties.  Today Omni Present is an audio production powerhouse, capable of creating world class, fully mastered, radio ready projects that can compete head to head with the most expensively produced albums ever made. This is possible through the use of the latest digital technology, in conjunction with a highly creative, professional production staff.

The heart of Omni Present's audio production suite is a custom built D.A.W. or digital audio workstation. D.A.W's  work by recording music onto large hard drives instead of analog tape.  This allows for nearly limitless possibilities, audio can be cut, copied, pasted, looped, or even reversed!! When working in the realm of the D.A.W. track limitations become a thing of the past, allowing for upwards of 24 tracks of 24 bit, high resolution audio and a practically unlimited number of midi tracks.  This means your music can be as highly layered and textured as the best recordings ever made, with complete control over the individual parts. Our D.A.W. allows for entire productions to be created, without the limitations of analog or even digital linear tape, however, Dat (digital audio tape) and Adat machines are available, which allow for compatibility  with thousands of adat/dat based studios around the world.

Our Windows based D.A.W. has been carefully designed to offer production capabilities equal to and exceeding proprietary industry standard Pro Tools systems.  Our system offers 24 channels of  digital ins and outs.   This means all digital equipment, can communicate digitally without any analog passes.  Our system also includes 128 channels of midi ins and outs to interface with synthesizers and provide control of external effects processors from within the D.A.W.

Our facility also includes incredibly powerful external effects processors, including the amazing Roland GR series.  These units have the unique ability to turn any guitar into a virtual army of classic guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals.  The facility also includes a TC Helicon harmonizer, for unbelievably thick, rich, natural harmonies that can be sung by one person in one take. Our instruments include some of the best available anywhere, including a Roland Fantom G, gigabytes of soft synths from leading manufactures such as Native Instruments, and Spectrasonics, and a Hart Dynamics electric drum set, featuring mesh heads, for superb feel and versatility.

The facility is completed with a high end microphone locker stocked with high quality transducers from leading manufacturers like Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, and others. 

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Experience amazing quality at a value price, by producing your next CD, MP3, or jingle project with Omni Present Productions.





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