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Due to our location outside the major media centers in the U.S, Omni Present Productions is capable of charging rates that are unbelievably low considering the quality of work, and the education and experience of our staff.  At Omni Present Productions, we believe each project deserves individual attention.  All projects are custom built from the ground up.



Mixing and Mastering:  $65.00 per hour

includes engineer and access to all equipment in the equipment list.



In House: $65.00 per track per song (package deals available)

Contract Musicians: negotiable with individual musician


Audio Packages: 

(Studio time and master CD or Dat only, package prices do not include duplication)


One Take Live:  $55.00 per song

A simple process involving your band recording live onto two track digital hard disk.  This is the package for well practiced bands that want a high quality digital recording of their live work for demo purposes, or for clips for the web.  This package is recorded through up to four high quality dynamic stage mics, an amp simulator for guitars, electric drums, and a synthesizer.  package includes transfer to up to 5 CDs in audio CD, wave file, or MP3 format.


Band Demo Package:  $1950.00

This package is for bands that play their own instruments and want a true studio quality demo of their work.  Package includes up to 10 songs, and up to 35 hours of studio time, in a digital, multi track, non-linear environment with engineering, and post production mastering.  Musicians available at the rates listed above.


Solo Vocalist One song demo:  $500.00

This package is for a soloist or singing group who wants full, custom instrumentation to an original song, recorded through high quality equipment, in a studio environment.  Package includes custom music, custom backing vocals if necessary, mixing and mastering for one song.


Solo Vocalist w/ pre recorded music:  $250.00

This package is similar to the solo vocalist demo package, but the artist provides a two track recording of their own music.  This package is designed for hip-hop artists that download royalty free beats from the internet, or for singers needing to record a song using their own instrumental tapes or CD's.  Package includes mixing and mastering.  Additional instruments can be added at the rates listed above for studio musicians.


Custom Jingles:  $1250.00 

Includes a full jingle, an instrumental, and a "doughnut." Also includes musicians, writers, mixing, mastering, and use license.  Can be delivered on audio CD, Dat, Data CD (with broadcast wave file or MP3), or an emailed MP3.


Complex Package: $ per project basis

Packages are available for singing groups that do not provide their own music, and for solo artists.  Prices for such projects vary depending on the complexity of the project.


Editing/Shooting:  $75.00 per hour

or $300.00 per day

30 Commercial Package: $275.00

A basic 30 second commercial including, scripting, shooting, editing, copywriting, and voice talent. This package can include basic cuts and fades, or fancy transitions.  This package is comparable with the commercials shot by many local broadcasters and cable operators.  The package includes basic, royalty free music.  Custom Jingles can be added at the price listed above. 

60 Commercial Package:  $375.00
Same as above in the 60 second format.

Industrial videos, training videos, documentaries, complex commercials and other complex projects will be charged at the hourly rate listed above.

Web Development:


Bronze package: $65.00

Includes single web page, with graphic design, custom photography, copywriting, and hosting w/ advertisements on page.  No audio or video available on these sites.


Silver package:  $575.00

Includes up to seven pages with graphic design, custom photography, copywriting, and hosting, without advertisements on page.  The sites can include exciting audio or video.  Included in the package price is encoding of pre produced audio or video for the web.  Custom audio or video work will be charged at the rates listed above.  This package is perfect for the serious vocal group or band.


Gold Package:  $1175.00

Includes up to 12 pages with graphic design, custom photography, copywriting, and hosting without advertisements on page. Differs from silver package by including a flash intro, animated title bars, and a custom 30 second web commercial.


General purpose graphic design, photo editing, flash intro's etc, charged at $65.00 per hour.  Perfect if you already have a site and want to spice it up with custom graphics, a flash intro, etc.



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